Join our renegade volunteer group

Sisterhood of the Teal Tiaras is our volunteer force. It provides an outlet for survivors and those affected by the diagnosis or loss of a sister, daughter, mother, aunt, wife or friend to ovarian cancer. Our teal warriors are vitally important to our mission – spreading awareness, assisting with our programs and representing us at many community activities. Membership is free and anyone can join . . . even men!

Help us spread awareness through social media

Here are three great ways to amplify the conversation.

  1. Like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
  2. Share our graphics. We are always creating unique messages that can be shared easily. We’ve even put some of them on t-shirts. Please share these graphics on all social media platforms. You may be saving a woman’s life.
  3. ​Share our videos (coming soon!)

Start a support group in your community

Connecting with local women who have experienced ovarian cancer is very important. If you are living with the disease, this can seem like a daunting task. We helped several women establish them in their communities and we can help you get started, too. Just send us an email.

Bring one of our programs to your town

It’s as easy as passing out symptom cards to friends and family. Or make our materials available to women visiting doctor’s offices, hair/nail salons and your favorite boutiques. Enlighten your church or service group with our empowerment session. Help us reach more healthcare providers with our medical education program. We love expanding these innovative and interesting programs into new communities.