Beat the Big O card

Our handy symptom cards mount on a mirror!

The more women we tell, the more lives we save

Join our renegade force and hand out symptom cards

These cards are saving lives. We’ve distributed more than half a million across the globe in the past several years. They serve as a daily reminder to be aware of the most common symptoms. NormaLeah’s BEAT symptom card is designed to be mounted on a dressing room or bathroom mirror, encouraging women to know their body and recognize changes in their daily habits that might indicate early-stage disease. The back of the card has the tests to request if a woman is symptomatic. They come pre-packaged with 25 cards.

Easel Packs are perfect to sit on a counter or side table. Take them to your doctor’s office, beauty/nail salon and all your favorite businesses

Renegade Packs  are a handy way to hand them out to family and friends, cashiers, waitresses, etc. Or post in a public restroom!

We also can supply larger quantities.

They are FREE and easy to distribute anytime, anywhere!