What’s your BRCA status? 

Our pink sisters are at higher risk

We’re reaching out to them

Mutations in the BRCA gene put breast cancer survivors and their first-degree relatives at a higher risk for ovarian and other cancers. Help us tell them with FREE bookmarks that are easy to distribute. The bookmarks (and our Sisterly Advice sessions) empower breast cancer survivors and their families to understand the hereditary connections between breast, ovarian and other cancers. Certain mutations can be familial and more prevalent in specific populations such as Askenazi Jews. Click here for more information about genetic predispositions.

Knowledge is power in order to be a vigilant self advocate for proper medical attention in order to protect their gynecologic health. These bookmarks are great to give out at health fairs, to book clubs, leave at librarys, etc.

Please help us save a pink sister!