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Raising Cancer Awareness Through Art

The 2021 girlpARTs project is a unique community education and awareness program focusing on the genetic relationships between breast, ovarian and other cancers. This project pairs business leaders and community artists to create three-dimensional works of art (torso sculptures) that are strategically placed in public locations.

This year six new sculptures will be designed to join eight existing sculptures. They will be featured at the Riverssance Festival of Fine Arts in September before being placed throughout the community for the remainder of the year along with critical health information. Take away materials are provided where appropriate. September and October are ovarian and breast cancer awareness months respectively, when heightened awareness around these sister cancers exist.

The sculptures are offered for sale, with proceeds going towards subsequent girlpARTs projects, as well as supplementing funding gaps in our community outreach and supportive care for ovarian cancer survivors’ programs. 2021 girlpARTs builds upon prior year projects (2017 & 2019) with an emphasis on reaching underserved populations, including LatinX, people of color, LGBTQ and others experiencing disparities within the healthcare system. Participants include business leaders and artists who are representative of these marginalized populations and the sculptures will be placed in locations accessible to these groups.

It is well documented that utilizing art to meet community challenges can spur economic development and lessen the opportunity gap. The girlpARTs project connects our artistic and healthcare communities with information aimed at creating positive outcomes, especially in underrepresented and vulnerable populations.

All women are at risk for ovarian cancer and many, such as breast cancer survivors (12% of women), may be at higher risk but unaware of their increased risk. The genetic connection between these two cancers is an emerging field, but not well known at the local level. The goal is to educate and engage 50,000 people in our community so they can seek additional information, if necessary. Assessing personal risks and knowing the symptoms are crucial for earlier diagnoses and improved outcomes. This project is designed to provide health education in an easily accessible, engaging and creative way.

If you or your organization would like to participate, please reach out to us.

Thank you!

Some of the Bodice Sculptures