Artist: Carolyn Krueger

Community Leader: Marie Ziegler

Location: Rock Island City Hall


A thousand paper cranes are often given to a person who is seriously ill to wish for their recovery. An ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. Rock Island artist, Carolyn Krueger folded all of the cranes on her torso sculpture.

The artist primarily works with clay and her colorful, but functional, work is hand-built and wheel-thrown. She also dabbles in knitting, paper art, photography, painting, and collage. Carolyn has served on the Arts Commission for the City of Rock Island since 2007, and is an advocate for all things art in our community. She has also been teaching art and pottery for more than seventeen years and currently offers private pottery lessons and classes to students of all ages.

Marie Ziegler (community leader) has been a great supporter of NormaLeah through donations of her time and effort in creating magnificent baskets for our auctions and events.

This sculpture is available for sale. Contact NormaLeah for more information.

Additional Views

Senzabura back
carolyn with senzabure
Krueger senzabura at reception