The Ubuntu Princess

Ubuntu Princess

The Ubuntu Princess

Artist: Gaye Shannon-Burnett

Community Leader: Roma Taylor

Location: Community HealthCare-Moline

Gaye Burness (artist) tells us that “Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning “humanity to others.” It is a reminder to us that I am because you are. Both brave and unforgettable, the Ubuntu Princess brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the world. The Warrior stands bold against injustice, the healer comforts and soothes our broken spirit and helps restore and connect us to our humanity.

Roma Taylor (community leader) is an 18-year breast cancer survivor and recently retired from the Scott County Health Department where she worked as a registered nurse for 41½ years. She is the owner of Azubuike African American Arts.

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Ubuntu on board ssquare
Ubuntu princess back on board
Ubuntu with Gaye Shannon Burnett
Gurnett and Ubuntu at Reception