Share Norma and Leah’s Story (and yours)

It’s what these sisters would tell women if they were still alive

NormaLeah’s Sisterly Advice is an entertaining yet thought-provoking session that empowers women (and those who love them) to assess their genetic and personal health risk, to recognize ovarian cancer’s subtle symptoms, to explore risk reduction activities and to seek proper medical attention for the best outcome.

Attendees are inspired to open a dialogue with their healthcare professional and have the opportunity to ask questions about their family genetic history, personal health risks and insurance coverage. Sessions are tailored for high-risk and under-served populations (breast and ovarian cancer survivors/surviving relatives, Latinx, African American, Jewish and those living in rural areas).

It’s a great health empowerment program suitable for health fairs and conferences, service organizations, religious groups, sororities and high school health classes. Our health educator can present it virtually, or in person. It’s designed to include your story, so you can be part of it, too!