It’s the family’s responsibility to end the silence

NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative was established in 2008 as the NormaLeah Foundation, based on the premise that sisters share a lot of things; ovarian cancer should never be any of them. The organization honors the memory of two sisters, Norma Yecies Shagrin (May 21, 1935 – June 1, 2008) and Leah Yecies Hantman (July 27, 1931 – August 21, 1998) whose lives were cut short by this deadly disease. It was started by Norma’s two daughters (Jodie and Kim) and Leah’s daughter (Deborah).

In 2016, we changed our name and adopted a new mission that more accurately describes our initiatives and serves as the basis of activities that advance our mission: to enrich lives through early detection education, patient support services and research funding for ovarian cancer — the silent killer of women.

Our goal is to empower all women (and those who love them) to recognize the subtle symptoms of ovarian cancer, to assess their personal risk, to explore risk-reduction strategies and to advocate for proper medical attention for the best outcome. Our efforts are contributing to reduced incidence and mortality rates of ovarian cancer.

We dream of the day when a screening test is developed and it becomes a routine part of every woman’s annual wellness exam. Enjoy these photos of Norma and Leah and their families.

sisters in frame
hartman family
shagrin family
norma and leah