Small Bracelet with Large Pavé Crystal Bead



Small (6″) silver-hued bracelet with adjustable stopper beads to accommodate additional beads. Comes with large open core pavé crystal bead (12mm opening/18mm total diameter). Available in all of our 20 colors. Fits all beads with 8 mm or larger core opening. This bracelet can be hand-adjusted slightly to fit larger or smaller wrists.

Additional information


1 White (Lung), 2 Jet (Melanoma/Sleep Apnea), 3 Grey (Brain/Diabetes/Asthma), 4 Lime/Olive (Lymphoma), 5 Emerald (Liver/Kidney), 6 Teal (Ovarian/Sexual Abuse), 7 Montana Blue (Colon/Crohn’s/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), 8 Sapphire (Stomach/Esophogeal), 9 Aquamarine (Prostate/Graves), 10 Lavender (Testicular/Hodgkins/Epilepsy), 11 Tanzanite (Leiomyosarcoma/Pancreatic/All Cancers), 12 Amethyst (Cystic Fibrosis/Alzheimer’s/Fibromyalgia/Lupus/Honors Caregivers), 13 Rose (Breast), 14 Burgundy (Multiple Myeloma/Stroke), 15 Red (Heart Disease/Aids), 16 Orange (Leukemia/Kidney/Multiple Sclerosis/ADHA), 17 Topaz (Sarcoma/Bone/Bladder/Appendix), 18 Gold (Childhood Cancer), 19 Light Peach (Uterine), 20 Crystal AB