Family supporting patient

Studies have shown that women with a strong support system have better outcomes.

 Your “teal warrior” needs lots of support

Ovarian cancer survivors “teal warriors” have unique healthcare challenges and helping them thrive (not just survive) is part of our mission. It is now treated as a chronic disease with sometimes debilitating side effects. At NormaLeah, we assist patients, caregivers and families to help evaluate options and advocate for better health outcomes and enriched survivorship.

An ovarian cancer diagnosis affects the whole family and can put a tremendous strain on both caregivers and loved ones. There are many ways to lend support to a woman who has recently been diagnosed or is experiencing a recurrence.

Understanding treatment options and assisting in day-to-day responsibilities can go a long way toward a successful recovery. These women emerge from treatment with a “new normal.” While they may look the same as prior to diagnoses, their physical health, mental health and general well-being have changed — often drastically.

An informed patient is a happy patient. Caregivers often have an impact on a patient’s decisions and can help advocate for them. It is sometimes difficult to navigate the vast online resources; nonetheless, we have included them here. And NormaLeah makes the process of collecting information easier with a list of 135 questions to ask your doctor.