We want to make your journey easier!

The most important fact to remember is that a specialist in female reproductive cancers — a gynecologic oncologist — will give you the best possible outcome.

Ovarian cancer survivors have unique healthcare challenges and helping them thrive (not just survive) is part of our mission.

We believe that both traditional AND complementary methods can work together for better survivorship; that pre-emptive procedures and palliative care can minimize side effects; and that you should consult with your doctor before starting any new regimen.

Keeping a copy of all your test and procedure results will help you and your medical provider make informed choices more quickly.

Understanding the Stages of Ovarian Cancer 

STAGE I: The cancer is contained within one or both of the ovaries; cancer cells may be found in the abdomen.

STAGE II: The cancer has spread beyond the ovaries into other areas in the pelvic region: fallopian tubes, uterus, bladder, colon, rectum.

STAGE III: The cancer has affected areas outside the pelvis and be found in the lining of the abdomen and/or the lymph nodes.

STAGE IV: The cancer has moved to other organs, such as the lung, liver and or lymph glands in the neck.